I’m Vivianni Barcellos

Based in Montréal, Canada

I am a trilingual student looking for an internship leading to a job. I am available to work in the office or remotely. I have an excellent analytical ability, attention to detail, good problem-solving skills, ease of learning and I know how to manage my time well. I am known for being helpful, self-reliant and organized.

Computer Skills
  • Mac OS, Windows and Linux Operating Systems;
  • MS Office, LibreOffice, Adobe Suite, FinalCut Pro;
  • Database,
  • Time management and problem solving;
  • WordPress CMS;
  • Networking (WAN, LAN, DNS)
  • Active Directory;
  • Web languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python);
  • Repairing Computers (Software and Hardware);
  • Experiences with social media management.

Français French (Current – Level B2 certification of the French Ministry of Education)
English English (Current);
Português Portuguese (Native).